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Once launched, Calibre automatically detects Kindle ebooks on your computer, so you might have to delete any DRM-protected books that were automatically imported. You can view PDF files on your computer, or you can transfer them to Kindle using a USB cable. Your Kindle will appear as a mass storage device when connected to your computer. Simply drag and drop the PDF from your computer onto the Kindle.

All devices that meet the minimum specification will be eligible for the upgrade to Windows 11. Most eligible Windows 10 PCs will be clearly marked with a tag. The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems.

App specs

If you want to have access to various locations, files, or programs you need to be an administrator. Moreover, only an administrator can install, remove, modify or run protected files and software. Sometimes Windows 10 won’t let you access your files. This means that Windows 10 is preventing unauthorized users from messing with internal files and settings. Probably the simplest way to change the account type in Windows is by using the Settings app. Once you’re logged in with an admin account, here’s how to change account type On Windows 10.

  • Apps and window borders—including the Start Menu and widget menu—will be semi-see-through, like a frosted-glass window.
  • A great deal of free download drivers open source software is available and can be found either co-bundled with the OS, in the software depository or by searching on the web.
  • To perform a system restore, go to the Recovery control panel, which you can find via the start menu.
  • Microsoft releases Windows 10 feature updates twice a year, around March and September.

Lastly, opt for the “Administrator” option from the pop up window and hit “Ok” button to confirm. First things first, sign in to the Admin account of your Windows and then hit the “Windows + i” key combination over your Keyboard to launch “Settings”. On your Windows 10 or previous 8 or 7, go to the search box and type Control Panel.

VMware Fusion Brings Windows 11 Support to Intel, Apple Silicon Macs

Another type of CPU that runs Windows 11 is Arm64. AI is already built into Windows with the Window ML component, and the company is testing features like Suggested Actions, that will, for example, suggest sending an email if you copy an email address. You can find other examples of machine learning AI in the Windows Developer Blog, including animal identification and photo enhancement.

Windows 11 compatible hardware

For some reason there is no “log off” in Windows 10 (certainly not if you only have one account , so you have to restart. Right-click on Administrator and select Properties from the context menu. If you are running Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education edition, you can use the Local Security Policy app to enable the UAC prompt for the built-in Administrators.

Windows 11 will support more swipe gestures and such, but more importantly, it should be more consistent with what happens when you tap on something. This is not what Windows 10X would have been, because that was only going to arrive on new PCs. Windows 10X was never going to be sold as retail licenses either. With Windows 11, there won’t be any technical reason that you can’t go ahead and install it on any PC. Hyperion Launcher A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX. This is only a single provider, but if you use Cloud Gaming services then you may need to ask around for other experiences using Windows 11 before you give it a try yourself.


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