Can I reset Windows 10 settings without removing files and programs?

These are some amazing improvements, and we can’t wait to see how DirectStorage and Xbox Game Pass for Windows 11 will work in action. We believe that Android emulators will remain relevant since not all computers will be able to natively handle Android apps. Overall, we believe that this is a step in the right direction and that adding Microsoft Teams will challenge other collaboration platforms such as Slack.

  • Open “Settings” and select the “Update and Security” section, where you click on “Reset this computer”.
  • Look for the Bluetooth entry and click the arrow to the left of the entry to expand the Bluetooth hardware list.
  • The new transparency effect is also rather nice and makes it look like Windows Aero — the transparency-focused design language first introduced in Windows Vista — has finally matured.

In case you want to connect a new Bluetooth accessory, click the “Add device” button. Then, follow the steps described in the section above. If problems persist, check for any updated Bluetooth adapter drivers. There is a small possibility, however, that a patched or updated driver might not be available for automated updates, and you may need to install it manually. Windows should now see the hardware and attempt to automatically install the appropriate drivers — essentially reenabling the Bluetooth adapter. If this does not happen automatically, use the Device Manager to scan for hardware changes, which should accomplish the same outcome.

Method 1: Upgrade download drivers to Windows 11 by manually enrolling in the Dev Channel

This out-of-band build fixes several bugs, including one that caused IP Security connections that contain a Vendor ID to fail. It also fixed a bug that could cause Windows Servers to restart unexpectedly after installing the January 11, 2022 update on domain controllers . It also adds a reminder to Internet Explorer 11 that notifies you about its upcoming retirement.

However, you can use Group Policy Editor to make a permanent change that persists even after reboot. In case you are using Windows 11 Home, check our linked guide to get Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home. Uncheck the box beside Use this program, which should instantly disable Windows Defender. Repeat these steps to activate it again at any time.

Remove Bluetooth adapter and reinstall

Unfortunately, do to various delays with Windows 10X and everything else, Windows 10 has only received enablement package updates since then. Microsoft is introducing an all-new Photos app to the OS, which uses the new Mica material and of course, has rounded corners. There are also theme-specific color palettes and new typography. One thing that Satya Nadella said at the Build keynote is that the new OS will “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators”.

How to factory reset on Windows 10

The other major change is the shifting of the taskbar to the middle of the screen, as opposed to being squeezed into the bottom left-hand corner. Worry not though, you can move it back to how it works in Windows 10 with the flick of a switch on the Taskbar Settings screen. The most suitable replacement will be Windows 10 21H2, the refresh released in October 2021 that also offered two-and-a-half years of support. Windows 10 22H1 mayrelease around this date if Microsoft decides to keep its twice-annual release tempo. (See the “April 13, 2021” section for the first instance when a spring feature upgrade may be omitted.) If it does not deliver 22H1, Microsoft may use the slot to upgrade Windows 10X. This date ends some support, including feature change requests and non-security bug fixes.


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